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Registration Sticker Delays

AMSA is experiencing delays in the delivery of beacon registration stickers due to a stock issue with our contracted printer. Stickers ordered between 29 December 2014 - 26 January 2015 will not be issued until 30 January.

You must print your confirmation and carry it as proof of registration until your sticker arrives. New registration stickers can continue to be requested online or by email or phone. We apologise for the inconvenience.


Product Safety Recall

GME EPIRB Product Safety Recall issued 8th July 2014

Beacon manufacturer GME has issued a safety recall affecting EPIRB models MT400, MT401 and MT403.

View the Product Safety Recall (PDF, 302 KB) for further information. Questions should be made directly to GME via

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Switch to 406


121.5 MHz distress beacons are no longer detected by satellite.

You MUST switch to a 406 MHz distress beacon as soon as possible.

Do not risk your life by relying on a 121.5 MHz distress beacon. 

After 1 Feb 2010, old analogue EPIRBs and PLBs operating on 121.5 MHz are no longer licenced for use.

Registration of your 406 MHz Distress Beacon is valid for two years.  If you need to renew your registration, see here for further details.

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Registration is free.

Register your 406 MHz distress beacon with AMSA to assist the search and rescue response.
Register online (preferred and fastest option), by email or fax.

For those who already have a registered 406 MHz distress beacon, you can also update or add your next trip's details online at any time.

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Switch to 406


Please do not throw your beacon in the bin. Incorrect disposal may activate the beacon and inadvertently start a search. Every year, thousands of dollars are spent in Australia searching for beacons in rubbish dumps. Also, the battery is a hazardous item, which should be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. 

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FAQ Brochures


Print your Frequently Asked Questions brochure here