Register or update your distress beacon/MMSI

Beacons news

Prepare to survive: Know the five

Carrying a means of calling for help when out on the water is standard for most Victorian boaters and many paddlers, but too many think a mobile phone and/or hand-held radio are sufficient.

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Mandatory float-free EPIRBs

Mandatory float-free EPIRBs

Published July 2018

From 1 January 2021, float-free emergency position indicating radio beacons (EPIRBs) will be mandatory on certain types of domestic commercial vessels.

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Updated disposal options for unwanted beacons

Updated disposal options

Published 2/1/2018

AMSA is urging owners of emergency distress beacons to dispose of their unwanted beacons correctly.

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No matter whether you’re travelling by land, sea or air, a GPS equipped distress beacon can mean all the difference in a life- threatening situation. Beacon registration can be completed online for free.

Beacon information

Looking after your beacon

  1. Keep your registration up to date
  2. Replace your batteries before they expire
  3. Store your beacon correctly
  4. Test your beacon
  5. Dispose responsibly
  6. Service your beacon after use

Using your beacon

  1. In a life-threatening situation, activate your beacon
  2. Ensure you deploy your beacon correctly
  3. What happens after you activate your beacon